Privacy Policy

TheTravelBook is an online travel resource that offers details on several places across the globe and recommends hotels, vacation homes, travel packages, cruises, etc. based on user feedback.

We trust that the ideas and opinions expressed by our visitors will be impartial and will be given on any topic. We are taking all necessary steps to ensure that the visitor’s personal information is kept private. We advise our visitors to thoroughly read this policy to understand our privacy practises before providing any personal information on our website. Please read this private policy of; if you continue, it means you agree to the methods outlined here.

1. Privacy Policy

A visitor’s personal information, such as name, email address, phone number, address, user name, and passwords, as well as any other travel-related data, is stored in our database and is protected at our end. We take all necessary precautions to ensure that the information is not disclosed to any third parties.

Although the visitor has the choice not to give us any or all of the information, some general information is necessary so that you can take advantage of the advantages of being a registered member. TheTravelBook website users will have the option to provide contact details for their friends and family. It is advised that before sending any information to Us, visitors obtain the approval of their family members and friends

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